Tuesday, July 10, 2007

from JM: I'm proud. I think we did a lot in just a few days. I work hard. This day was fun, nasty, and dirty. We made cob and had fun.

from FC: Work on a team/You will work hard and strong.

from RS: Presenting the TREE of LIFE... made of concrete and cob... built by many giving hands and feet... strenth in the muscle.... but the one of the most important attributes is understanding.... the understanding that building the wall in scupture.... might just bring the community together.

from NC: I met a lot of good friends... they really make me laugh. I'm glad they are my buddies.

from GC: The tool shed is finnaly, well almost, finished. All we need is to finish the door and roof. Everything we've done in the garden is starting to take shape. The gazebo foundation is nearly done. But at the same time we are having fun...we mess around and play around, but still get the work done.

from AC: This week was really hard. We did a lot of work. At first I thought that this job was going to be slow. After the first day we did a lot of working and the days go faster now. I didn't think we were going to have a lot done the first week, but we have. So far its been OK. Some days it feels like I don't want to go to work and other days it feels OK.

from JS: I am learning how to make a cob home out of mud, straw and water. I like how this is going with cob.

from WA: It was a good day. I worked hard and got stronger. The tool shed will be done in maybe 2 or 3 days. I've leanred a lot of good skills, like to be a carpenter. I am considering being a carpeter after the work I've done.

from JH: a cob haiku
Cob is great to make
Cob is dirt, clay, sand and straw
Cob is fun to make

from EN: Today was good, like I always say. When this six weeks are done I'll be glad because I'll be looking at the garden until I graduate. I just wish to have a chance to be able to do it again.

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